I am touring with MMUle and Proto-Type Theatre from Crewe, to Lancaster and Manchester to perform some shows of:

The Good, The God and The Guillotine

„A show that steals its style from the gig, the opera and the recital, The Good, the God and the Guillotine is a music-driven piece of theatre like no other. A long walk, the beach. A fight, a murder. The heat, and the barking of dogs. We’re travelling out of the sun and towards darkness.


Three performers and three laptop musicians create an atmospheric, cross-genre journey through a tangle of relationships and technologies, all set against reactive objects, lights and hand-drawn animations.

Proto-type Theater, collaborating with the musician/composers of MMUle, lighting designer Rebecca M. K. Makus and animator Adam York Gregory, present a performance sung and spoken across thirteen distinct chapters.

The Good, the God and the Guillotine is a personal answer to the universal question, and was inspired by a reading of Albert Camus’ powerful 1942 novel The Stranger.“

Here is a link to the programme at Crewe:


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5. März 2014