… Operating out of Berlin, Germany, 1 2 ° have been playing both freely improvised and composed music together since 2009. Their music has been described as an „enjoyable blend of beautiful melodies with driving grooves alternating with intense moments of
interaction“. Their sound also reflects the diverse mixture of musical influences of members from Germany, Taiwan and Colombia.
1 2 ° have previously toured around the world, teaming up with local artists. This openness to musical exchange can be heard on their last album „Invisible Message“ (2012), a collaboration with a Taiwanese Pipa player. For their China 2013 tour they will be joined by Mr. Monodread (Jonas Hummel) and his manipulated radio devices adding an electroacoustic sound flavor to the mix.…


… Rebellious Devices is a new project which aims to explore this question using a network of portable devices found in Chinese everyday life. Expect to get up close and personal as the duo
manipulate both the devices and the invisible connections between them. Listen as digital chirps solidify into tones and tones fragment into rhythms in a continuous cycle of musical negotiation. Who finally gains control, the players or the devices themselves?
Graham Booth and Jonas Hummel are musicians and researchers based at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Northern Ireland and Manchester Metropolitan University, England respectively. They formed the partnership Co:Lab in early 2013 to develop new social and technological systems for cooperative musical interaction. Their previous projects include ensembles of networked radios (Translocal Rundfunk Orchestra) and laptop computers (Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra, Republic111, PowerBooks UnPlugged)…


… more is yet to come

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18. August 2013