Upcoming Thursday there is the end-of-year-showcase of the Masters of Contemporary Arts students.
I will contribute a two-part session in a duo with Mike Walsh. Come by and listen!

Thursday, 20th of June, 16.45-17.30, MMU Cheshire, Dep. of Cont. Arts Building, The Open Space

I) Drum’n’Drums: The Livecoded vs. The Real
A drummer, a drumkit, a programmer (aka ‚coder‘) and a computer: Four agents acting together (or in opposition) to explore liveness and in-/determinacy in a ritual drum session. Opening the session with a tribute to Jimi Hendrix spiced up with a bit of Merzbow, this ritual will give praise to „algo-rhythms“. Livecoded patterns, softly hitting the keys, synthesize drum sounds on one side, free drummed rim shots and kick drums answer on the other.
Is there a difference?
Does it matter?
Let’s hit it!

II) Scratch those bowlsfeed it to them
Another short musical intervention starring:
Materials: metal objects, manipulated & recycled technology and contact microphones
Actors: A percussionist and a radio operator
Script: The resonant frequencies of the room and the electronic circuits
Inspired by: Congotronics and the No-Input Mixer

VINIX Loudness butt

about the inventors:
Jonas Hummel and Mike Walsh are musicians, artists and researchers with an interest in improvisation, culture and technology. Found objects and recycled old technology play part of their performance as well as musical elements like rhythms from Cuban rumba to Berlin minimal techno to African Congotronics. Jonas is currently researching on the topic of ‚collaboration and liveness in laptop music ensembles‘ as a phd student at MMU where he met Mike in his second year of music.

VINIX rec levels


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14. Juni 2013